that is also love 
 that is also love ..!!  mosaic  on glued laminated timber (25mm) 60 x 80 cm - ( around 5000 ceramics stones,10Kg )

the composition  is full of symbolic values,  that many people believe who belong to the past. The artist has chosen to sell , because surely  for the appreciation the new generations , the work also in "digital painting on canvas"  the size 60 x 80 cm or in form reduced 40 x 60 cm.
 Of course, all editions are numbered and authenticated by signature of the artist!
The composition intended as congratulations for young couples who have opted for a life together! The ducks are the symbol of fidelity, the pomegranates pomegranate branch, symbol of fertility, the clear horizon is to wish you a happy life together and running smoothly, etc.

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