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For  lovers of exclusive  and originals !!
The "tessere" of the mosaics are all hand-cut from tiles, produced from the Amalfi coast and marble from Carrara, each piece is unique! Acquire a mosaic directly from the artist in addition to savings of 60%, you are sure to have bought a piece hand made of value !

The mosaic, the ne plus ultra of art, the rich Romans regarded it as "status symbol" and in addition to the floors were the walls covered with mosaic, which have survived until today. A mosaic is and remains a work of art that survived time, one hundred, one thousand two thousand years and more. A mosaic is a safe investment, not only for art lovers, but also for collectors! The uniqueness of a mosaic composition is a jewel and a clear testimony, full of life, the time in which it was designed. It is there to inherit and pass on!

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