Erasmo Amato, born on the sunny south coast of the Italian peninsula, the drawing  is been his passion since the early years of school, but  the  rational instinct tells him another  professional way. He graduated as an electrical engineer, then leaves the university, and moved to Munich in Germany.
In Germany he worked with automatic data processing  systems, which were used before the personal computer came in each office. His fantasy  and his skill as manual worker has been an important part in his job and his life. But in his  free time  he has always  made creative projects.
Attending courses of watercolor painting, painting to oil, caricature and ceramics he learned  to express himself. His works are not limited to the traditional Painting but it is a continuo’s  try with modern computer graphics photography   His passion for the drawing and the  cartoons then, tries critically to analyze in humorous key a few looks of the society.

The newest specialities of the artist are: collage and mosaics!
For the mosaics,  the "Tessere" are all hand cut and each piece is unique!

The most famous compositions of this artist  are:
" Interneticus " ( Feminae Interneticus, Homo Interneticus ), the mosaic " that is also love " and  " Morbus Smartphonis"!

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Exhibitions and fairs:

            -  from 2011 to  2018  International fair of contemporary art  "ART-INNSBRUCK" .            

-  2014 Group exhibition in the "Orangerie " English Garden in Munich (D).

-  2011 Culture House - Neuperlach, Munich (D)

-  2010  Akzenta, Graz(A).

-  2009 International art fair Salzburg(A).

-  2009 International fair of contemporary art  " Art Innsbruck "  .

-  2009 July  Collective of art, at the offices of the District Government of Upper Bavaria in Munich (D).

-  2008  Collective Exhibition in  the "Orangerie"   English Garden in  Munich (D). 

-  2007  Collective Exhibition "Cross-Cultural Exhibition Vienna"JMA Gallery in Wien (A) 

-  2006  Exhibition of Painting "Filippo Juvara  award"   Messina (Italy) 

-  2006  International Image Festival  in Chaves - Portugal 

-  2006  Collective Exhibition  in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, (Cannes-France) 

-  2004  2. Biennale International   of contemporary art of  Ferrara 


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